Value Innoruption Advisors is a boutique consulting firm specializing in disruptive approaches in value, pricing, and strategic management. We have four main domains of knowledge and relevant offerings: value-based pricing, change management in pricing, pricing of innovation and technology, and “getting started in pricing”. As a boutique firm, we want to be relevant, impactful, and vested in your long term success. Here is what makes us unique:

  • Customized Work

    All work is customized to the client’s needs and aims at building competitive advantage.
  • Personal Attention

    All work is done by Stephan Liozu for premier attention throughout the entire engagement.
  • Internal Champions

    All work aims at building the client’s long-term internal capabilities so that you can keep doing the work on your own.
  • Design & Execution

    All work focuses on both design and execution with a strong emphasis on quick wins.
  • Agile Approach

    Our approach is modular and incremental. It can quickly be modified and redesigned to meet complex and dynamic environments.
  • Fact-Based Models

    Our models and methods are grounded in pricing, value and management theories and draw from years of practical experience in pricing, marketing, and strategy.
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