Fundamentals of Price Increase and Decrease Management in B2B Environments




Managing price changes is an important dimension of pricing strategies. The field of knowledge in the area of managing price increases and price decreases is fragmented and not very robust. This eBook presents the fundamental activities to manage price increases and price decreases in B2B environments. The author reviews existing state-of-the-art processes and introduces his most preferred process based on years of experience and the best pricing knowledge available. The eBook also covers the logistics of the price increase process including some practical examples of documents and trackers that can be used for execution. More information is proposed on how to manage strategic customers and long-term contracts, as well as on how to build the sales force confidence with price increases. The eBook also focuses on how to manage price decreases when raw material costs are coming down. Finally, a strategic approach to price changes is introduced. All in all, this is unique review of both price increase and decrease processes with lots of practical examples. This unique eBook is 102 pages long.

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